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(Updated 7/17/23)

Sondra Rose Marie
3 min readMay 22, 2023
Sondra — a Black woman — poses in a sparkling silver gown. Behind her is a mural showing butterflies in bright colors.
📸 Photo of the author taken by Stacie Shoots 📸

The Basics ✅

✍🏾 Since my first short story (an absolute ✨masterpiece✨ I wrote in first grade about my Barbie doll going camping with her friends) I knew that writing caused something within me to come to life.

🏳️‍🌈 Today, my intersectional identity — I’m a neurodivergent Black lesbian — informs much of my work. I never shy away from writing about things deemed inappropriate for polite dinner conversation—such as race, income, mental health, and death—because talking about these things makes us all more compassionate people.

💰 From 9–5, I work as a Sr. Copywriter at a multicultural marketing agency. In my free time, I run a freelance content writing and copywriting business, SRM Creative.

10 Fun Facts About Me 👀

  1. As a “military brat,” I’ve lived in 3 countries (USA, England, Denmark) and 5 states (California, Texas, New Mexico, Virginia, and Georgia) ✈️
  2. I took pole dancing lessons for 3 years and I loved it so much that I bought a pole for my studio apartment 💃🏽
  3. The only person I ever met IRL from OkCupid is now my wife 👩🏽‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏾
  4. I went to a woman’s college but it actually went co-ed my junior year, so I received two years of same-sex education and two years of co-education 🎓
  5. I spent 8 years working as a bartender and waitress and I loved it 🍻
  6. My very first job ever was wearing the Easter Bunny costume at the photo station at the mall 🐰
  7. When I was 30, I found out I had a secret long-lost sister thanks to Facebook 😮
  8. I am really open about my mental health: I have ADHD, depression, and anxiety 🧠
  9. My favorite food is crab: My mom is from Maryland and my dad’s from Louisiana, so seafood was almost sacred in our house as I grew up 🦀
  10. I have a deep and abiding love of the rock band Hole, specifically their Celebrity Skin and Live Through This albums 🎸

What I’m Up to Now 🪩

  • 🎨 Taking a Squarespace design course
  • ⚜️ Learning French via Duolingo
    Currently on day 31 of my latest streak
  • 🇸🇳 Raising funds to attend my first writer’s residency (in Senegal!)
  • 📚 Trying to take out my ever-growing TBR pile
    Currently reading: Hello Stranger by Katherine Center

2023 Goals 🎯

  1. Publish at least 25 articles on Medium
    Current status: 10 published so far
  2. Build physical movement into my daily life to help release some deep 👏🏾seated 👏🏾 trauma 👏🏾
    Current status: I walk on my treadmill during work meetings 1x a week
  3. Master 5 photogenic poses I can whip out for pictures that I actually feel really good about and comfortable with
  4. Surpass $5,000 in freelancing income

Writing Review of 2022 ⏪

2022 was a weird year for me where I focused more on finding freelancing clients than writing for Medium. That wasn’t my favorite choice, so in 2023 I’ll be experimenting with a new approach.

🤹🏾‍♀️ Freelance

  • # of freelance assignments in 2022: 27
  • Amount of money made freelancing in 2022: $3,255

🥊 Medium

💕 Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me and for checking out my work here on Medium! I’d love to “meet” you in the comments below 👇🏾



Sondra Rose Marie

I write about things people don't bring up in polite conversation: race, death, mental health, and so much more ✨ www.srmcreative.co